We are as yet owing 18 underpass and flyover projects in Jakarta. That takes three years if all these are built simultaneously. Imagine 3 years of total traffic. Stay patchy, and we’ll end up jammed for 6 years. Exclude three busway corridors that we are held liable to as well. What’s the reason they’re held up? All these stuff are elevated. And this even makes the traffic more scatty than ever. Sum up Monorail and MRT projects, that’s gonna take time 5 years. How frantic the jam will be.

But politicians on the average never conduct this. What’s the reason? We may end up public-godforsaken, until the [gubernatorial] election. That’s why everything is put on hold. But I and Governor [Joko Widodo] have concluded, we won’t ever give a damn in case we’re not re-elected in 2017. We just want to start everything off. Anyhow you’re not gonna stop us once we get going. We’re just, in consequence, not gonna carry the day in 2017. Whatever it is. Devil may care!

Jakarta needs leaders carrying no behalf. Otherwise, everything’s not gonna come off. That’s for sure!

Whatever it is, either being despised, impeached, or even losing up our lives, only devil may care! We’re just gonna bump out everyone obstructing us, be they bureaucrats, technocrats, any governmental apparatus, or even conglomerates! That’s all because Jakarta is too contained with too many interests!

This statement was released by Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, nicknamed ‘Ahok’, Jakarta’s vice governor, on a meeting with officials from Jakarta’s transport council.

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