Chemistry students, can you imagine this?



Imagine if Agatha Christie had to write that every time she had to mention the poison used in the murder, or if Hitchcock’s leading man had to vocalise it in the courtroom. Well they’d never get the book or the film down to a manageable size. It’s much easier to say strychnine!


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Kim Jong Un looking at Tumblr and…

kim jong un looks at floor plank


A former technology blogger had a screw loose by diverting his attention to a new hobby: knowing what The Supreme Leader observes at almost everyday. From magnus opus like national monuments, operational plans for North Korea’s million-troop military, to even minutiae stuff of infinitesimal importance (ping pong table, floor planks, cockpit ceiling, male swimmers, or a beautiful pianist). It can be assumed that nothing is left unseen by The Great Leader, and your privacy may be ‘unsafe’.


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looking at a medical monitor


Kim Jong Un looking at a medical monitor


looking at women soldiers


Kim Jong Un looking at women soldiers


looking at a kitchen cabinet


Kim Jong Un looking at kitchen cabinet