To be honest, the decision that I joined Canon Young Photographers Award competition was partly accidental. As I saw that a friend of mine had uploaded her picture, I was – okay, using a motivator’s vernacular should be no problem – highly motivated to submit some pictures I took as well. Well, I didn’t use paraphernalia like DSLR or EOS; I was only equipped with a ten-year-old Canon camera that my mom had just recently given to me. I don’t want to be trapped in the vicious cycle of ‘wishful thinking’, but regarding winning competition and getting an all-expenses-paid trip to US to attend National Geographic’s photography workshop – one of my lifelong dreams is to, at least, be able to join a Nat Geo project – who would dare enough to refuse these efficacious offers?


Therefore, do please vote for my pictures by clicking these links I provide below (I submit 2 pictures, in fact):


I will really, really thank you very much if you either vote or like my pictures. I wish you countless blessings!


As an indirect reciprocation, to thank my friend, Adriana Salim, for indirectly, and unconsciously, ‘alerting’ me to join this competition, I’ll also enclose another link for you to vote for her picture as well:


Thank you!


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