Nauru, the smallest, and the heaviest, nation on Earth

Its population is approximately 10,000. A member with a permanent seat in United Nations. It occupies an area no larger than 20 square kilometers big. You can travel the whole country in less than an hour. But Western press seemingly overlooks the fact that almost every overweight person, man and woman, young and old, can be seen, with distances only stone’s throw away towards each other. Like a real-life scenario of future humankind as seen in ‘Wall-E’ movie.

United States, despite its surging obesity rate (now it’s approximately 25%), should be grateful that theirs is not as obviously severe as Nauru’s has. Standing at an exceedingly intolerable rate of 95%, Nauru is now at the forefront among the planet’s ‘unhealthiest’ nations. In early 20th century, Nauruans still lived a decent, healthy life by sustaining themselves on seafood; a century later, everybody is turning into french fries, fried chicken, and roasted pigs. With its citizens overtly addicted to tinsel junk food (Nauru is a heavily indebted and less developed nation, thus the people sustain themselves by consuming fast food which is many times cheaper compared to conventionally cooked dishes), Nauru faces a health problem no others can match, a deteriorating decline in health standards within less than a century.

ABC News makes a special coverage on Nauru. Watch it here:




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