The thorn in Minami Minegishi’s mind




Things have gone too far for Minami Minegishi.

Having slept with the Japanese kawaii-esque 90-personnel girlband AKB48’s dancer, Alan Shirahama, Minami faced her personal armageddon, dubbed by the management to have violated the band’s ‘no-date’ rules, and had her lifelong dream of maintaining her fame in the entertainment industry shattered, by her own ‘misdeed’. She even went beyond the limits to express contrition: she, for whatever reasons, either being ‘forced’ or by self-initiative, shaved her head previously laden with long straight hair, and repeatedly sobbed in front of the camera, begging for forgiveness from the band’s management.

While some lauded what she had done to express her remorse, some had indeed questioned the clarity of using such technique only taken in times of authoritarian rules. Had she gone too far, to the extent of extreme self-humiliation, in expressing her contrition? Or such ‘punishment headshaving’ is still applicable even in contemporary societies?


Read it more at International Business Times.



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