Waiting for Earth’s 100 billion trillion twins

Artists’ conception of our newly-discovered twin-alike, but just it takes a 600-year light-speed spaceship to have encounter with our ‘friends to be’ out there.


Alan Boss has an unusual sense of optimism when it comes to forecasting the number of intelligent life forms other than humankind. The professor based in Carnegie Institution, Washington D.C., has exerted new debates about the possibility of abundant, and endless, otherworldly civilizations, after hypothesizing that every star may have contained, in minimum, one planet, or a twin of Earth, able to sustain biologically diverse life. Overall, within the radius of 13.5 billion light years, the number of stars scattered within approximately 100 billion galaxies may have reached, say the least, 100 billion trillion (100 sextillion).

Carl Sagan, another prominent astronomer and out-spoken physicist, has even predicted the number of stars may have actually been at around 300 sextillion. Excluding the number of possible planets, Earths, and alien life, it can be seemed that our universe is never that empty, and stygian. What if we had discovered them? Will our faith in the millennia-old dictum – claiming human beings as the most superior species ever invented by the Creator – will ever vanish? It remains to be seen for a very long time, the truth as void as the space itself.


Read it at The Telegraph, GazetteNet,  Light Years, Popular Science, and Space.

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