A slice of China’s future begins in Tianjin

As we know, or as we are engineered by media to know it, China has been consistently on the top, having pushed America to second, as a ‘second-to-none’  in terms of carbon dioxides produced by its rapidly expanding industrial activities. Despite the billion-tonne excess, China has also been unparalleled in terms of growth in green businesses, renewable energy in particular. Now, there is one new field Chinese government attempts to approach: to build a billion-dollar futuristic city, with spacious, lush green spaces and multitudinous skyscrapers, and energy-efficient electricity system. Based in Tianjin, this prototype will serve as a catalyst – among some others already established, such as Songdo in Incheon, South Korea and Masdar in Dubai, UAE – whether going ‘green’ is sustainable with increasingly expansive urban growth in parallel line.

Read it at BBC Future.

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