Creator of Mother’s Day: I hate Mother’s Day, at last!

It would be hardly difficult to observe any obedient, benevolent children who may like to grant opportunities for their mothers a full day’s off. Treat them in a romantic dinner, prepare whatever dishes she favors the most, bake specially-decorated cakes or macaroons,  or simply reward their tireless work with brand-new flowers, are a mere of countless stuff we can do to commemorate those who have  put us in confinement. In contrast, however, were the inventor of globally honored Labor’s-Day-equivalent alive, she might have sworn to do her best to put what she had tirelessly made, in total jeopardy. Anna Jarvis, possibly more egregious than her populist, well-known mom, was a little-known case of slight notoriety, but worth seeking for. She might have one thing she deeply angered of: excessive commercialization.

Read it at Washington Post.

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