Turning feces to electricity

Loathed for its disgusting smell, hated for its nauseous appearance, it seems that at some time we need to stop thinking all the negative mindsets when it comes to seeing our own ‘unused assets’ every time we have loosened our bowels. What’s wrong if we utilize it? And that’s proven no wrong when it comes to mass implementation in China and India. Known for their abundant population, both countries are the first initiators to commence converting human feces into electricity. In China itself, it is estimated that at least 15.4 million rural households are known to have linked their toilets with biogas digesters, which are used to burn the excrement in very high pressure into natural gas, which is then used for heating woks. In India, million more housewives are known to have stewed dishes in the kitchens using heat generated from the ‘unused assets’, as well.

At the same time the article is written, another similar project is commencing in Great Britain. If the whole world were to follow China and India, perhaps ‘blackout’ would have never appeared in dictionaries anymore, in a hyperbole.

Read it at Slate and Guardian.


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