How Youtube made Joseph Kony ahead of Susan Boyle


In less than a week, a video posted by Invisible Children – a previously little-known NGO involved in advocacy against illicit exploitation of children and teenagers worldwide – featuring Joseph Kony, a reportedly ‘self-claiming sage confessing himself to have been commanded by Jesus to establish a fully Christian state in Uganda’, has attracted more than 70 million pairs of eyes – the second most viewed video in Youtube of all time after Susan Boyle’s ‘I Dream a Dream’ in less than one week. The video itself has also highlighted the acme of Internet activism – which has previously fully restored the notion that ‘people power’ can oust dictatorship, and restore freedom and democracy to their states, as seen from the Arab Spring. Right now, the most talked-about issue, and the next target, in Internet activism is the urgency for the trial of Kony, founder of Lord Resistance Army (LRA), which has been involved in countless crimes against humanity, most notably by exploiting children as either child soldiers who conduct guerrilla warfare deep in the jungles of Uganda, or sex slaves to satisfy the beastly desires of LRA’s troops, in International Criminal Court.

Never mind about the harsh criticisms it has attracted. Kony may – or may not be – the tipping point of a new ‘revolution’ instigated by Internet activism – to bring all the warlords in the world to justice.


Read it at Singularity Hub.


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