Democra(z)y: 83 faces on the voting paper, and 1 to choose


The election had been over for almost 2 months, but in the minds of the analysts, this won’t ever be an oblivious experience: as many as 83 individuals throughout the entire country of Kyrgyzstan, which was previously shattered by a month-long riot, nominated themselves as presidential candidates for the election, which was held last October. While this might sound off everyone’s head that they might be confused with the ‘candidates overload’ they faced while they had to vote in the papers, this is an epitome of how a democratic experiment can run successfully wild in a country which was devastated by months-long hiatus after severe nationwide riots which ended up more than 400 lives, most of whom were Uzbeks, and drove other hundred thousand internally displaced and homeless.


Read more at The Guardian to know further about this insane story.


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