Quotes (That May or May Not Be Tragically Funny)

Sometimes, we think that we really do know what we think we know. Sometimes, the truth is not as simple as we are able to comprehend. We may rationalize, and simplify about all the things happening in the world today. But the truth is not as easy as we can capture in our own logic. Not all things that we know can be explained. For example, like the water’s anomaly, in which water’s volume shrinks as it comes towards 4 Celcius degrees, but afterwards, again increases step by step after passing through the anomaly’s border. We know and conceive that this is the phenomenon, but we exactly haven’t known why it has to be like that.

There are more anomalies in life than that of water the physicists always conceive every time during the experiment, and are much more intricate to comprehend based on our own rational perspective. Someone who died because of laughing too much? Who said that’s impossible? Some of the notable ancient Greeks had experienced with such anomaly. Sometimes, there are things in life that we can’t just simply digest with sciences, or our own knowledge, indeed. Some might be comprehended with humor, and the others in horror. But this is life. Once we face it, we have nothing to deny but to accept it.

Here are some quotes that I myself self-wrote, but the rest were just simply copy-catted from Internet. There are some in which you have to read more than once – due to the complexity level – in order to understand them. Let’s take a look at them:

Note: Some of these quotes are self-written, and the others were just simply copy-catted from Internet. You might need to read some of them more than once in order to comprehend my own intention.


– Some tyrannies can shift to democracies, and some democracies can shift to tyrannies. –

– As said by Balram Halwai: “The poor always dream of getting fat and looking like the rich. How about the rich? Losing weight and looking like the poor.” –

– This is what I think might be the wisest teacher in the world: the one who sincerely confesses that the subject he/she has mastered in has its own flaws. –

*See Patricia Ryan in TED.com.

– In democratic countries, advertisers always prosper. –

*See all the ballyhoos showing off the faces of the parliament-members-to-be.

– The best (and legal) words to replace ‘casino’ is ‘stock exchange’. –

– When you speculate, you no longer use all the hocus-pocus formula by Nobel-winning economists. –

– A city without smooth roads or hygiene water but rich in skyscrapers and shopping malls, might be much better to thrive in than a city with smooth roads and hygiene water but without skyscrapers and shopping malls. –

*compare Jakarta, or Mumbai, or Manila, with Moscow in the Soviet’s days.

– The problem with education is: most of the schools as I know manufacture much more skeptics than optimists. –

– If you want to be a critically acclaimed author, you had better not attend any motivation seminars, frequently. –

*except if you want to be a motivator.

– Before religions were spread, human beings tended to be barbaric and savage. After religions were spread, human beings even tend to be much more barbaric, but worse, on behalf of their own religion and God. –

– Resource curse seems to rarely happen on resources-scarce countries (but not always). –

– All the fundamental laws you’d ever read in any natural science books might be applicable in social sciences, but unfortunately, all the fundamental laws you’d ever read in any social sciences books might not be applicable in natural sciences. You realize that you can’t bargain something with the entire universe. –

– If all the schools in the world have special training sessions about entrepreneurship, then who is going to work for the entrepreneurs? –

– It is believed that in Ancient Egypt, the slaves incidentally let the dough swelled because they had fallen asleep for too long, but then, starting from this incident, bread became firstly popular among the country, and the benefit everlasted until now, encompassing for more than 5 millenia. So the conclusion might be: be professionally careless. –

– The more hospitals there are, the more often you would be hospitalized in your lifetime. –

– Skyscrapers are often symbolized, indirectly, as the epitome of economic success. The economists had better visit Pyongyang; there are a lot of skyscrapers there, but with rationed, or no, electricity. –

*some of the buildings there even need generators to provide the electricity.

– Scientists had recently concluded that pretty women and handsome men tend to be much more intelligent. So, is Paris Hilton included? –

*this question arises after I read this article. Take a look here:


– In applying for a job, you have to be a bit narcissistic. –

– Corruption is an invisible device in which the barbaric tribes of northern China could succeed in annexing the southern counterparts without having to crush the Great Walls. –

*ask the dictators whether they did the similar thing or not.

– Too much motivation can be dangerous for you. Slowly, you will know it yourself. –

– Unfortunately, Nobel Peace Prize can also be awarded to warmongers. –

*that’s what I heard from my father.

– Every Western-related stuff that is considered bad is always conceived as ‘part of Jewish global conspiracy’. –

*check all of these anti-Semitic websites yourself. IMF, World Bank, CFR, etc, are included.

– In religions, truth is always objective. It is man who subjectivized it. –

– Mobsters, dictators, and war criminals can’t always be 100% evil. If they were, they would not have been into these positions until now. –

– As said by David Rothkopf in Foreign Policy: “If China is not included in BRIC (Brazil-Russia-India-China, plus the latest member, South Africa), then it would just be simply BRI, a kind of bland, soft cheese that is primarily known for the whine that goes with it.”

*in fact, the combined GDP of Brazil, Russia, India, and South Africa, is no more than 60% than that of China, whose GDP has soared to more or less 7 trillion US$.

– Governments in the new emerging countries might never anticipate that the best and the brightest are moving out. –

*fact: this might be true for some countries which I know have experienced from brain drain. More geniuses in Indonesia now ‘go international’, studying in the world’s most prestigious universities throughout Singapore, Australia, Europe, or USA. In South Africa, it is estimated that more than half a million intellects have migrated to much-better-off countries, due to the high crime rates and unemployment that is caused by economic inequality that still takes place there.

– The largest gambling center in the world is not in Las Vegas Strip; you will see that more people in the long run end up insane because they lost the game in playing stocks in Wall Street.-

*currently, NYSE has more than 25 trillion US$ in market capitalization.

– It is said that ‘money is the root of all evils’. How come an inanimate object can influence you to do misdeeds? It is far better written like this: being bigotric of money is the root of all evils. –

– Being a fully devoted vegetarian, in my opinion, does not really help in saving the entire world. Even after you consume fruits and vegetables, you would still loosen your bowels. And the feces itself might still contain methane, the dangerous, unseen gas that causes global warming. Perhaps, the best solution is, use these pieces of ‘shit’ as fertilizer, or compress them into gas for the kitchens’ stoves. –

– Often, you won’t find answers by consulting with religionists. You have to find the answers for most of the problems by yourself. –

– Another problem from schools (most of the schools, actually): there are more people who are dominant in IQ but low in EQ than those dominant in EQ but low in IQ. –

– Life is much more tranquil if you don’t often compete with others. –

*tell the businessmen with this quote.

– Like Pareto’s law, success is defined as 80% hardwork and 20% luck. But luck is even more responsible to determine how long would your success last. –

*honestly, we don’t know how many young singers out there who are much more talented than Justin Bieber, or those who are actually much better than Bill Gates. Where is Greyson Chance right now?

– From Donald Rumsfeld, in February 2002: There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know. –

*conclusion: one might be a great English teacher if he can confuse the entire students with plain English.

– This is what might be defined as unknown unknown: do you think that our ancestors 2,000,000 years ago had predicted that we will store food in refrigerators today? –

Closing quote:

– Every time I listen to Chopin or Mozart, they would make me go to sleep. The best lullabies for babies, if I can say so. –

*for all pianists and pianists-to-be worldwide, I’m deeply sorry for my statement!

Closing poem:

One who knows and knows that he knows… This is a man of knowledge; get to know him!

One who knows, but doesn’t know that he knows… This is a man who’s unaware, so bring it to his attention.

One who doesn’t know, but knows that he doesn’t know… This is an illiterate man; teach him!

One who doesn’t know and doesn’t know that he doesn’t know… This is a dumb man; and would be dumb forever!

From Ibn Yamin Faryumadi, a Persian-Tajik poet in 13th century, about 4 types of men in the world.


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