Book Review – Physics of The Impossible

Title: Physics of The Impossible

Genre: Science | Technology | Future

Author: Michio Kaku

Country: United States

Publication: 2008

‘If at first an idea does not sound absurd, there is no hope for it.’ – Albert Einstein

Michio Kaku is undoubtedly one of the world’s most admired idealists in this century. He has shown to us, widely, that the world is getting much more advanced than before, in many ways sometimes beyond our imagination. Truly speaking, we must confess, given the priceless brains by The Almighty Creator, we can actually change the world we are now living in. Which is why Dr. Michio Kaku wants to show us a few remarkable examples scientists have achieved in recent decades which will determine the existence of humanity in the future to come.

The book is divided into three parts: Type I Impossibility, Type II Impossibility, and Type III Impossibility. On Type I, Dr.Michio shows several technologies currently unavailable today, which would be achieved in the coming century, or a few centuries to come, as long as they do not violate the laws of physics. Type I is divided into 10 chapters: Force Fields, Invisibility, Phasers and Death Stars, Teleportation, Telepathy, Psychokinesis, Robots, Extraterrestrials & UFOs, Starships, Antimatter & Anti-Universes.

On Type II, he shows us ‘technologies that are beyond our knowledge and understanding but will be available in, at least, a few centuries, or in the coming millennium. It is divided into 3 chapters: Faster Than Light, Time Travel, and Parallel Universes.

And, lastly, Type III, in which he gives examples of ‘technologies which are totally beyond our knowledge and understanding, and violate all the known laws of physics’. It is divided into 2 chapters: Perpetual Motion Machines, and Precognition.

Michio Kaku knows how to combine ‘entertaining’ and ‘educating’ in this book. He successfully creates formula to amaze readers; not to fill the readers with boredom, indeed. In each sub-chapter, he exhibits spectacular examples of experiments conducted by scientists and researchers worldwide to realize what are once considered ‘dreams in the past’. He digests almost every word carefully, in order to shun his readers from getting confused of what he is actually explaining about. Nevertheless, some of his explanations may appear to be a bit dizzy and intricate; however, he masters well how to explain things in a realistic manner.

For scientists-to-be and researchers-to-be, I strongly recommend you to read this book at home. He has all the power to balance imagination, reality, and knowledge, and captivate the readers with the remarkable benefits of the technologies, and has helped unleashing the ultimate omnipotence of future technologies which will perpetually transform us, as humanity.

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