General E”R”ection

Note: This article has nothing to do with sexuality.


It has been exactly a dozen of years since this country self-proclaimed as ‘fully democratic’. Fully democratic? You mean, even a high-school-graduate can earn a noble position in House of Representative? So far, I believe that this process only occurs in Indonesia, perhaps, one of the funniest countries in the world, in terms of ‘legislation posters’. Statistics showed that last year, more than half a million (that’s up to 500.000!) people listed their names as ‘legislative nominees’, competing for approximately between 13.000 to 15.000 parliamentary seats throughout the country, from the city/county level, provincial level, national level, and one more, regional level. (In Indonesia, we call them consecutively as DPRD Kota/Kabupaten, DPRD Provinsi, DPR, and DPD). Some even involved their siblings, children, fathers, mothers, and worse, concubinages. Where had the rest gone? Some estimated that many might have gone insane, or got admitted to asylums, due to inability to pay off the debts they used as ‘campaign budgets’. But, despite the ironies, let me recall these memories back, again and again, with these laughable pictures.







Everybody suddenly suspected Shia LaBeouf was running for the election.







This ‘James Bond’ proves he can eradicate poverty, assume that he got elected. As well as sleeping well.



Superman asked for a political asylum from Indonesia, and got listed in the election.




Sir, may I marry your daughter right now? Hahaha.



This old man must have been obsessed with Muhammad Ali.




What on earth are you doing, buddy? People think you are more of a provider’s salesman.




Dear God, I’m puzzled!







Not truly a Kungfu Panda.




Oh, it seems that the story has run out of the plot is supposed to be. Kungfu Panda suddenly escapes from Master Shifu, and lists his name as a legislation nominee under the nickname of ‘Justice Warrior’? *(&*&%%**!!!!




What the hell are you? You are going to promote yourself, your boxing competition, and cigarettes? :B !!!




Superbaby, yeah?




Fact: Nia Ramadhani is currently daughter-in-law of one of our country’s most powerful business moguldoms named Aburisol Bakery, oops, sorry!, Aburizal Bakrie.







Caleg goes rock! Metal!




Really? He could have earned Nobel Prize for Peace.










Suddenly, Aang delays his mission in saving the world and cracking down The Kingdom of Fire. Instead, he comes to Indonesia for ‘hot seat’.











Conclusion: everybody, regardless of who and what you are, be it toddlers, superheroes, cartoons’ characters, fathers of belle women, providers’ salesmen, rocker, peacemaker, or karate teacher, you can use this chance if that takes place once again. Fully democratic, fully ‘democrazy’.


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