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Previously posted on June 22, 2010. Click it here.

I accidentally browsed this in Wikipedia. Firstly I browsed ‘list of movies’, then I clicked on ‘list of worst movies of all time’, then I slowly browsed one by one all these movies mentioned as ‘the worst of all’. Suddenly, when I ‘clicked’ on a movie titled ‘Inchon’, suddenly a unique keyword appeared in my mind: Unification Church. The movie, budgeted at merely 46 million US$, was released in 1980, and generated revenues only 5 million US$. It drew a lot of controversies, including the over-promotion of the sensation-making new religious movement, and its tendency to entirely promote the religion, rather than focusing itself primarily as a war film. What is very unique in Unification Church? The founder, a Korean named Sun Myung Moon, claimed himself as a ‘second coming of Jesus Christ’, and persuaded his followers to act as ‘lightning rods’ to accept ‘persecution’. The new religious movement was also, subsequently, accused of manipulation; some even considered Sun Myung Moon made use of advantages of his own self-made form of faith as ‘money-making machines’. See another fact: he was once charged on allegations of tax evasion, and served 18 months behind bars. This religion was contagiously spread, over 120 countries on the planet.

But that doesn’t mean the religion is subsequently ‘evil’ at all. It sponsors an event widely supported by NGOs worldwide: Global Peace Festival, under the motto of ‘One Family Under God’. The main goals of this festival are (cited from Wikipedia):
1. Build a movement involving all sectors of society, including media, faith-based organizations, non-governmental organizations, businesses, educational institutions, government agencies and social organizations.
2. Strengthen and raise God-centered marriages and families.
3. Facilitate intercultural and interreligious cooperation.
4. Foster a global culture of peace and service.
5. Advocate and contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.
6. Celebrate and demonstrate achievements of ongoing efforts for peace and human development.
7. Inspire innovative approaches to peace-building.
8. Bring together the human family on every level of society.

The guiding ideals are:
1. All people – regardless of culture, nationality, religion, race or ethnicity are members of one human family created by God, the ultimate reality.
2. The highest qualities of the human being are spiritual and moral in nature.
3. The family is the “school of love and peace”.
4. By creating a global culture of service and living for the sake of others we can reconcile and bring together the divided human family.
5. Peace comes through respect, dialogue and cooperation beyond the boundaries of ethnicity, religion, and nationality.

These goals sound good, and even great, in my opinion. But, what I think the greatest ‘mistake’ Reverend Sun Myung Moon has done, is, his self-claiming as ‘second coming of Christ’. Perhaps he has grown too attached to his own belief and faith. I found it much, much, and much funnier as I read it further. They claimed they had possessed ability to communicate with the spirits of Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Augustine, as well as Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Leon Trotsky, Mao Zedong, and many more (?). This fact remains disputed, whether it is true or simply, just simply, heavenly fantasy of their own as most of the public would consider once they have read this sentence. But I myself am undoubtedly sure that a few people obtain unusual, extraordinary, and sometimes perceived as illogical, abilities to communicate with spirits. I had better put a ‘question mark’ at the end of that sentence.

Another fact I found out is they do not tolerate any same-sex marriages. This has been all the time, a thoroughly complicating topic to discuss about, and to question whether this form of marriage should be legalized by religions or not.

A lot of controversies surround Unification Church. This religion is absolutely banned in several countries in South America. Uruguay’s Catholic leaders have repeatedly warn people not to conjoin, or involve themselves in any activities or organizations linked to Unification Church. Brazilian police forces frequently made raids on places widely suspected as the religion’s basis. Nansook Hong, who used to live with Moon’s family for 14 years, once said:

“The Japanese had no trouble bringing the cash into the United States; they would tell customs agents that they were in America to gamble at Atlantic City. In addition, many businesses run by the church were cash operations, including several Japanese restaurants in New York City. I saw deliveries of cash from church headquarters that went directly into the wall safe in Mrs. Moon’s closet.”

Other controversies still follow. Thousands of Japanese elderly people accused the organization of having defrauded their life savings. The religion was also subsequently accused over the methods of ‘high-pressure brainwashing’ on young people who were spiritually vulnerable. Even media reports openly informed that Reverend Sun Myung Moon had conducted sex rituals with six married women, resulting in children out of wedlock, and its strong concern in anti-Semitism. But, overall, this new religion movement is slowly growing strong.

Moon, now 88 years old, has not decided to whom he is going to inherit his ‘throne’. Some report his sons are a strong nominee, but others report, ‘so is his wife’. The conclusion I would like to tell you, is, don’t change your faith as long as you still can afford to believe in. That’s all. However, Sun Myung Moon has done a magnum opus. A magnum opus that millions of men could easily believe his teachings well.

For more information, click here:

For more shocking information, click here. This is a full list of organizations affiliated with Unification Church. The number could be in dozens, perhaps:


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