Previously posted on June 15, 2010. Click it here.

Actually I never watch any football events, even if it is a global-scale, gargantuanly-held FIFA World Cup. I just take a glance for a few minutes, then move to the next channel, or instead I watch DVDs. But, I find many facts interesting about this grandiose event, because, just see – in the final round during 2006 FIFA World Cup, approximately 715 million pairs of eyes were watching! (according to surveys) Here are the facts:

1. Brazil is the most successful team, winning 5 times.

2. In a period between 1938 and 1950, there were no FIFA World Cup competitions due to the apocalyptic Second World War, and massive rehabilitation programs the entire nations should rebuild as the aftermath of the war.

3. South Africa (ongoing) is the only country in Africa where this grandiose event is held, after defeating Tunisia and Egypt in the bidding process.

4. North Korea for the first time participates in 2010 FIFA World Cup, an avant-garde to see the most isolated entity conjoins a global event watched by the billion pairs of eyes across the planet.

5. Only one event which was held on two countries: 2002 FIFA World Cup, both in Japan and South Korea.

6. Only in 1930, 1934, 1966, 1974, 1978, and 1998, the winners were the ones who held the events themselves, consecutively were: Uruguay, Italy, England, West Germany, Argentine, and France.

7. First winner: Uruguay (1930), current winner: Italy (2006).

8. In 1958, Brazil outperformed Sweden 3 points: 5-2, and so was France at the same time. It outperformed West Germany: 6-3. Seriously, I really don’t understand how they could score, exceeding 3. Eventually, Brazil came out as the champion.

9. In 1994, the final score between Brazil-Italy: 0-0. After a penalty shootout (seriously, once again, I don’t understand what this term stands for), the final score: 3-2. Eventually, Brazil came out as the champion once again.

10. Our ex-vice president, Jusuf Kalla, once proposed 2022 FIFA World Cup to be held in Indonesia. Here are the reasons why Indonesia could not qualify in it: first, we had never seen Indonesia’s football teams participating in any World Cup events, except qualification tests, but never passed. Second, there was only one stadium in our country which could qualify FIFA’s standard: Stadion Bung Karno. Others, no way. Third, see what is happening on our country’s infrastructural system, and so is the safety condition. I think, I should not describe this further anymore, because nearly everybody has known it.


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