Attention Please, Do Not Pee At The Same Time Squatting Over The Closet!

Previously posted on June 17, 2010. Click it here.

Wrong spellings, rambunctious vocabulary, massive mistakes in grammar, weird announcements, don’t-know-what-it-means instructions, and here are funny signs and pictures across the planet you’ll laugh it out.

This one is based in China.

Anybody likes to pee there?

What? How can afford to eat McDys when a Chernobyl-scale nuclear meltdown really, really melts your body?

Oh, oh, you had better not pee there. They must be hunting ‘yours’. Hahaha.

This one is worse, but he just maintains calm. It’s just a poster, anyway.

What do you mean anyway, the birds or our birds?

Attention please, do not pee at the same time squatting over the closet!

To Be Continued…


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