The first day I learnt blogging.

I only began to be introduced with the ‘online diary’ concept, starting from the first of June in 2010. I did not use any of the web host providers, at first, because I was even totally blank on the very concept of what ‘web host providers’ is. Time has passed for approximately 1 year, and I have been, so far, writing 44 notes in Facebook.

Right now, I am sitting here, while time on the desktop shows 9:58 pm. A few minutes prior, I had just received a notification from WordPress, granting some kind of permission to begin this blog. I’ve got a lot of things to do. I am thinking of copy-catting all the previous notes I had written on Facebook. You know, some kind of ‘globe-trotting idea-sharing’ expansion worldwide. I don’t need to care too much about the higgledy-piggledies; what I think I should write, I write. It can be politics, or philosophy, or reviews, or any how-to articles, or my personal confession, or shocking facts and statistics, or science, or my personal thoughts. I do not expect to earn a Webby; I just have to focus on the process, not on obtaining the result. I just wish that everybody enjoys my self-written articles.

And welcome to Hans K.C.’s Journal.


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